supadopefresh bboy and bbgirl clothing 1280x411


supadopefresh bboy and bbgirl clothing 1280x411

Who’s the freshest?

SupaDopeFresh Events & Promotions. of course!

SupaDopeFresh  was founded by Jerald “Bolo Fresche” Robinson (Bolo) in the early 2000’s. He attributes his love for hip hop, music, art, dance and fashion on his upbringing as number 4 of 8 kids.


Bolo became immersed in the elements of hip hop as a young man. He attended Alabama State University where he fine tuned his artistic abilities and later found that he was a natural at the art of Graffiti. He taught himself to DJ and to this day remains passionate about his vinyl collection. As 1/4 of the group Truth for Freedom, he crafted his skills as an MC. Bolo went on to learn the art of break dancing and became a member of the H.B.O. Crew along with two of his brothers.


When the opportunity presented itself, Bolo purchased some basic equipment and begin pressing shirts for local bboy / bgirl events hosted by the H.B.O. Crew. The family also purchased basic DJ Equipment and home studio equipment. The majority of gear was given away, as the brand was always more about spreading a love for the culture of hip hop than making a profit. Its about having a clothing garment to match with shoes and shoelaces. Then playing a song that compliments your gear and if you vibe with it, you let your body move to it! Its about coordinating an entire outfit to highlight the dopeness of an event. When you finally feel that you “Can’t Get No Fresher” then you have reached a state of SupaDopeFresh. SupaDopeFresh is a continuous merger of a love for the hip hop elements and a passion for hip hop culture.


We Do It For The Culture